Progress on accelerated video drivers by HTC community: Videos

Some newer firmware revs for HTC devices have touted video performance tweaks but unfortunately HTC still aren’t that forthcoming with outright hardware accelerated binaries that will fully support the ATI Imageon circuitry on board and HTC sites a host of tech issues.

This has been an ongoing problem for some time with many in the user community complaining of lacklustre video playback performance and after giving up on ever getting that official solution there has been a grassroots effort by hackers that is finally beginning to yield some success.

Although acceleration is still out, the guys at HTCClassAction.org have pushed out binaries along with some sample videos showing us the improved 3D thanks to newfound OpenGL ES and Direct3D acceleration.

The organisers say that they haven’t yet abandoned the 2D effort and it still may come, but the fact is it is easier to work with the 3D drivers at start off.

Videos below:

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