AT&T Navigator Global Edition to take in 20 countries

Yesterday AT&T announced that the new AT&T Navigator Global Edition the software which provides navigation capabilities is to extend its reach in 20 countries.

AT&T’s Navigator Global Edition coverage areas on AT&T powered smartphones will include most of Western Europe, North America and the U.S, the Caribbean along with the six cities in China which will be hosting the Beijing Olympic Games.

Senior vice president, Mobility Marketing and Operations for AT&T’s wireless operation, Jeff Bradley says: “The introduction of AT&T Navigator Global Edition is just another example of how AT&T is the nation’s leading provider of international wireless services. AT&T not only gives customers the ability to use their mobile phones in more countries than any other U.S. carrier, they now can use our robust GPS-based navigation offering whether at home or abroad to easily get from point A to point B or to find and get directed to a local business or service.”

Probably good news for the globetrotting business people out there which is who it looks like AT&T are targeting for a healthy $19.98 monthly charge as not to get lost worldwide.

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