iPhone 3Gs back in stock but how many?

Apple iPhone 3G shortages are being reported everywhere across the US, with several estimating replenishment of iPhone 3G stocks arriving sometime in the next few weeks.

Well according to a post by Mobilewhack.com, Apple’s supply line from Asia is working better.
Apparently important Apple stores in California and New York had both iPhone 3G versions in stock today.

Both versions sound good, but technically there are three iPhone 3G versions, 8GB black, 16GB black and 16GB white. Also no word or conformation as to how many are in stock. I mean one iPhone 3G per store could still be classed as stock couldn’t it?

So both versions in stock could well mean one or more of both versions available. Without actual replenishing figures it is difficult to say if Apple is actually beginning to get on top of the demand shortfall.

But they need to and fast if they are also going to ship to a further 20 countries next month.

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