Want longer lasting battery life from your iPhone 3G?

The new Apple iPhone 3G is all well and good but you may notice the GPS receiver and 3G radio sure do suck the life from its battery, especially if you compare battery life to that of the original iPhone. If the Apple iPhone 3G is your first step into the mobile arena you probably won’t notice the difference anyway, but there is one.

Faster data speeds and real-deal GPS hardware inside the new iPhone 3G will drain battery life, but this doesn’t mean you have to keep living with that battery life shortage as there are a few things that you can try to increase that time between charges.

And here are those few things capable of extending iPhone 3G battery life, thanks to Intomobile for these.

Obviously the first you can do is turn off that 3G radio, which will mean slower browsing and data speed will be limited to EDGE, but it doesn’t mean your surfing time will suffer too much. With iPhone 2.0 OS’s improved Webkit you’ll surf slower than 3G but still faster than the original iPhone running 1.1.4 OS. Go to Settings/Network/Enable 3G and toggle to off.

Try to force-quit apps which may be running in the background and sucking that precious battery power. Just open up suspect apps and hold down the Home until that app quits.

How about resetting the iPhone, a quick restart can solve most normal problems quicker that trying to locate a specific issue. To do so hold down Power/Sleep button until you see “Slide to Power OFF” prompt then flick the slider to the right and the iPhone shuts down and then restart in usual manner.

Finally try to reset your network settings which can resolve signal strength issues, but it will also erase and stored WiFi settings and passwords, so only use as a last resort. Go to settings /Reset and hit “Reset network settings.”

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