Bell Canada and Telus to jump to GSM?

It is somewhat obvious that in this ever dominated world of GSM, CDMA has nearly had its day, and to this end both Telus and Bell Canada are apparently considering switching their CDMA networks over to GSM standard.

As the rest of the world plays with the best latest mobile handsets as soon as their become available, CDMA users wait months for the mobile manufacturers to shove out a CDMA version, and for the most part CDMA just can’t compete with GSM hardware.

InformationWeek reports, following on from Canadian AWS auction’s close, rumours are rife around the possibility Bell Canada and Telus may be looking towards 3G or even 4G GSM tech in the future. Changing to GSM would allow the Canadian carriers to compete with Rogers Canada along with bringing in roaming revenue.

Whether these Canadian mobile companies will make the jump to 3G or 4G remains to be seen, but presumably 4G LTE would be the network standard of choice.

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