Apple iPhone may gain copy and paste app rich text editor

Great news for all you iPhoner’s out there who have been constantly griping on about the lack or copy and paste feature on the Apple iPhone, a 3rd party development may bring the copy & paste feature to your iPhone.

Thanks to AppleiPhoneApps.com we get to see this new iPhone app which boast cut and paste functionality, although it isn’t a system wide implementation, but it’s a step in the right direction.

The app looks to be a simple “notes” program but actually proves to be a lot more as it offers up rich text editing, something the iPhone’s “Notes” app doesn’t offer. Combine this with the ability to copy and paste text to another “note” and you get a good app that allows the user to change the copies text font size, type, colour, and also apply italic, bold, and strike-through.

Unfortunately though the cut and paste text facility will only work within the app itself, and the Apple iPhone SDK forbids this app from bringing its text transfer capability to other iPhone apps.

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