Is Apple iPhone good for Google Android? Yes says CEO Schmidt

The iPhone has been a success even though it has had software problems, but things are getting a little better and because of the success of the iPhone Google seems to have their sights on it.

Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt seems to be pretty excited about his very own company’s success for their mobile efforts, yes we can see where this is going, Apple and Google Android baby.

The power of the Apple device is immense, in an interview on Wednesday at Brainstorm Tech with Fortune senior writer David Kirkpatrick, Schmidt said:

‘The iPhone has a fully functional browser. We can show desktop ads, not mobile ads. That’s a huge change from our perspective,’

Google are moving forward fast and have indeed aggressively moved into the mobile market over the last year and with them building the ultimate platform called Android we know that handset makers will indeed deliver the first mobile phones using the all new Google software by the end of this year.

Schmidt praised the iPhone by saying that it is an innovation and with such power would mean better applications and web browsing for consumers, oh and of course very good news for Google.

Schmidt also said:

“The iPhone’s competitors all have devices or devices coming out. It’s really simple. A phone is a GPS, a camera, a computer, and a browser,” he said. The combination of those four means more market opportunities for Google”.

Is Apple iPhone good for Google Android?

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