Mobile phone speakers sales boom to the tune of a million

Mobile phone accessories such as speaker sales have increased in the past six months, and the reason for this is the growth of music enabled mobile handsets along with download services that become more and more popular.

According to a report on Mobiletoday in excess of £1 million worth of mobile phone speakers had sold last month, this compares to the £500,000 sales during the Christmas period and only $146,000 during May 07.

Senior vice president of digital at Universal Music, Rob Wells, states: “More and more people are downloading tracks and listening to music on their handsets. In the UK, between 15% and 20% of Universal’s digital music business is on mobile. This will increase to around 35% next year and to about 50% the year after.”

Mobile handsets incorporating MP3 players and FM radios now account of in excess of 65% of the market which is up from 44% on April 07.

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