Nokia and Qualcomm finally reach a mutual agreement!

Nokia and Qualcomm, probably one of the longest drawn out and most interesting patent legal wrangles to hit the mobile arena looks to have finally been dragged to an amicable ending, which considering just how long this battle has been running is to say the least anti-climactic, no blood, no baying, and no slaughter for the mobile masses to drool over.

A report in The New York times shows that after only one day of arbitration, Nokia and Qualcomm have well basically agreed on a patent swap which will allow Nokia to use all Qualcomm’s patents and the same goes for Qualcomm.

As part of said agreement, Nokia is to drop the complaint against Qualcomm with the European Commission, but other than that, specific terms involving monetary imbursement have not been disclosed.

Nokia’s chief executive, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, said: “We believe that this agreement is positive for the industry, enabling the market to benefit from innovation and new technologies.” While Qualcomm have declined to comment other than in the join press release.

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