Trading Standards issue recall notice on generic mobile charger

Oh dear, problems in the air, and someone is in deep trouble. The Trading Standards officers are trying to track down the importer of a generic mobile phone charger that could potentially electrocute the user!

A report on Mobiletoday warns, Buckinghamshire County Council Trading Standards found the suspect charging unit on sale as a mobile phone charger fitted with a micro USB cable, and have certified the mobile phone charging until as unsafe.

The Trading Standards team has issued a product recall notice for the unsafe charger, the product number being DE 62347066, they hold fears that this unit may overheat and potentially electrocute whoever is using it.

Buckinghamshire County Council Senior Trading Standards officer Chris Holden has said hundreds have already been seized but there could still be hundreds of thousands still on sale across the UK.

The generic charger in question was imported from China and have mainly been sold online for 99p plus p&p, although a few high street independent mobile dealers have been selling it as well and for up to £10.00.

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