Apple iPhone origin factory caught on iPhone 3G camera

Unless you actually arrange a meeting of fellow Apple iPhoner’s , you aren’t likely to see too many iPhone 3G handsets in one place, a rare sight for even an Apple store.

Apparently, Engadget are running a story that goes a bit like this… a woman purchases one of the latest Apple iPhone 3G handsets, takes it back home, and starts to check things out. (Lucky she actually managed to get one to take home)

While said lady was tinkering with this and that, as you do, a trio of images were apparently already on the iPhone 3G’s camera roll.

Obviously she took an interest and on viewing them found two images that were overcome with blur, but the third image gave a rare view into an iPhone 3G factory.

Not a big deal really as we have seen Apple inadvertently give away their places of origin before, however it is still of interest, and means that they do at least test the camera, well on this one anyway.

So anyone else find any images already on their camera roll when they received their iPhone 3G?

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