Apple iPhone application can be pirated and shared!

It appears that according to Engadget, Apple’s FairPlay DRM has not only already been cracked for music and movies but has now been cracked with games as well.

It doesn’t really come as a surprise people poking holes in the FairPlay based Apple iPhone App Store. The first loophole being it doesn’t appear that FairPlay links the iPhone hardware to specific Apple IDs.

This means you just log into iTunes from any machine authorised to use the account, and every application you’ve ever purchased will become available for free re-download to any attached mobile phone.

There is of course a more traditional crack that allows applications to be stripped of DRM and thus shared without using iTunes, although this calls for your iPhone to be jailbroken.

Seems the firs games app to be widely pirated is Monkey Ball, and that isn’t that surprising either, and no doubts many more mobile game apps will follow.


One thought on “Apple iPhone application can be pirated and shared!”

  1. kdt says:

    This is nothing new….songs have never been linked to an iPod. You can connect any iPod to an authorized computer and transfer protected music. The only difference is that you have to physically copy the protected songs to the other computer and they are not downloaded automatically.

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