Dell CEO interviewed on mobile phone plans?

Net whispers of Dell stepping into the mobile phone arena and squaring up to the big boys have dogged the net for ages, we hear them and they fade away until the next one comes scurrying along.

So here we have the next rumour which apparently comes from an interview with Om Malik of gigaom.com who has an interview with the main honcho of Dell himself.

Although most of the conversation was obviously concerning computers, however Michael Dell did actually remark on the mobile handset sector.

Apparently, when asked by Om Malik if there was a “desire” of Dell to work with Android or Symbian, Michael Dell said the company “ is kind of working on that” but as yet aren’t ready to “publically disclose” their plans.

However, also when referring to the mobile phone arena, Mr. Dell did urge people “not to expect anything anytime soon.”

Now be honest, would you really expect the CEO of Dell to let too much slip?

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