Aussie shores see the BlackBerry Bold late September says Telstra

Well the guys and gals down under in Australia will soon need to get their thumbs in shape as Telstra has announced they will be gaining Research In Motion’s latest iconic BlackBerry, the BlackBerry Bold late September.

It also appears that the CEO of Australia’s Royal Flying Doctor Service became the first proud owner of the BlackBerry Bold when he was presented with one ahead of the official launch date.

This can only mean that Telstra and research In Motion are quite confident about the latest firmware as they have actually unleashed it on a real world executive, which will probably put the BlackBerry Bold through its day to day basics.

Late September is running a little late for a worldwide summer release as Research In Motion had first envisaged, but there is a little silver thread here, apparently Telstra has said the BlackBerry Bold will be free to its business customers when it hits shelves.

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