Kenyan youth invents box for controlling car via mobile phone

I have a feeling that some mobile phone manufacturer will be knocking on this kids door and offering him a job, because according to a post on Engadget, a Kenyan kid as made a nifty antitheft device for a motor vehicle that is operated via the owners mobile handset.

Apparently this kid using little more than book knowledge and experience from various other projects invented a box which attaches to your vehicle and provides a number of unique remote control features.

The main purpose of the box seems to be a real-time lockout which will call you when the car is started, and the ignition won’t start unless the owner confirms via mobile phone.

Another advantage of this box is it also allows the owner to dial in and listen to any conversations that may be going on inside the vehicle, handy if you have a couple of mates chatting while you’re filling up with gas and the like.

The young inventor is apparently looking for funding to take his project to the next level, I wonder which mobile giant will be the first to grab hold of him?

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