MEGA4 an Apple-Sony Ericsson rip-off at FCC?

The FCC has recently unveiled a new mobile phone manufactured by Ezze Mobile Tech, the image we have available shows the new mobile, which is called “MEGA4.”

The “MEGA4” mobile handset shows the combination of Sony Ericsson buttons with an Apple iPhone’s menu, which by its self isn’t surprising really.

What is surprising is that Ezze Mobile Tech is actually going for FCC approval, which is somewhat strange because sooner or later Ezze Mobile Tech is bound to get hit with a patent lawsuit.

As for spec, Engadget got hold of these, this “MEGA4” mobile handset offers up a touch-screen, quad-band GSM/GPRS radio, TV Out, and Bluetooth support.

Price wise we have no idea what Ezze Mobile Tech will be expecting, as with availability we don’t know either, or whether the “MEGA4” mobile phone will ever see the light of day in the USA, if it does though I just bet Apple will be sharpening their lawful knives.

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