Samsung unveil new wireless Bluetooth headsets for Russia.

Samsung has released a trio of mono Bluetooth accessories over in Russia, these Bluetooth headsets hold a stylish design and yet are value for money, and justamp has taken a closer look at the three.

First up is the Samsung WEP250 bluetooth headset, based on the popular WEP200 model; the WEP250 is a budget headset that weighs only 11 grams. Battery provides up to 7 hours of talk and up to 100 hours of standby time.

Then we have the Samsung WEP350 Bluetooth headset, with a total thickness of 5.9 mm, this is the “world’s most thinnest headset.” The “surprisingly compact” headset sports a removable zaushnik that make its use more comfortable. Available in “glossy black”, “romantic red” and “metallic silver”. It also comes with a desktop docking station charger that allows receiving of the calls even while charging.

And finally the Samsung WEP700 Bluetooth headset “designed for businessmen leading active lives”. The device sports some noise suppression system and provides clear sound echoes even in the noisy environment. Battery promises to deliver up to 6 hours of talk and up to 200 hours of standby time, and weighs only 10 grams.

Price wise the WEP250 is 890 rubles ($38.00) WEP350 is 1350 rubles ($58.00) and the WEP700 is 2100 rubles ($90.00).

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