Opera roll out hasty update to Opera Mobile 9.5

With the release of Opera Mobile 9.5 it is obvious it has its share of those dreaded bugs, and to keep up with their beta users Opera has launched their first update to Opera Mobile 9.5.

This beta1 update apparently fixes an audio bug which turns off notification sounds, and it seems this update was quick and easy to roll out as further significant updates will take extra time.

According to Opera: We have updated the beta1 with a fix for the (very annoying) bug that turned off the notification sounds. The notification bugfix was relatively trivial and had a low risk. We are aware of the other bugs and issues, but these aren’t addressed in this update.

As for those users who are experiencing out of memory errors, well Opera has suggested using WMExpers’ cashe-file relocation as an alternative until they can roll out an official fix.


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