Colour enhancements for Sony Ericsson K330 and W890 phones

When there’s nothing better to talk about a mobile phone, when there are no improvements to speak of, when the next best move? Why to shove out a couple of old mobile phones with a new set of colours of course.

Never fails, want to get your name out on the blog or review sites bung out a couple of colour enhancement just like the latest from Sony Ericsson.

Slashphone has done the deed and posted an array of images for those who actually like these colour enhancements.

Firstly of the Sony Ericsson K330 in white-gold and then the Sony Ericsson W890 candy-bar mobile in gold-silver, and that’s it, just the colour enhancements.

The Sony Ericsson W890 is available from Q3 this year and is an entry-level camera phone equipped with VGA camera, FM radio, Bluetooth and 10MB internal memory.


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