Nokia chops prices across the board on mobile phones!

It is always good news for mobile phone users to hear that a manufacturer is dropping mobile handset prices, and that is what is going to happen with Nokia according to an article on Reuters.

Nokia is doing better than their rivals such as Motorola or Sony Ericsson, and Nokia isn’t about to life the pressure, as it has been reported they are cutting prices across all mobile phone ranges to increase pressure on their rivals.

The word is Nokia’s largest price cuts are on the Nokia 5310 and Nokia 5610 music phones along with the 8GB Nokia N81, and virtually all other mobile handsets have seen a cut of about 10%.

This sudden move by Nokia has come as quite a surprise to the mobile arena; one analyst actually called the move a “Crazy Ivan.”

So Nokia, what will be next? Further cut if the big boys in the mobile world follow suit? Bring on a mobile phone pricing war; it’s all good for the consumer.

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