Mobile Linux gains new software, members and phones

On Monday new members will be announced by the LiMo Foundation which includes one that is sharing code for developing mobile Web apps, and the group say it is an indication that its Linux mobile phone platform is maturing.

Network World reports, the LiMo Foundation recently subsumed the weakening Linux Phone Standards Forum has stated it has attracted eleven new members, and seven additional commercially available phones which are based on the LiMo platform.

New member to the LiMo Foundations are Freescale Semiconductor, PacketVideo, VirtualLogix, Telecom Italia, ZTE, and others.

Director of global marketing for the LiMo Foundation, Andrew Shikiar said: “The types of companies joining the group since its founding shows how the effort is expanding. Initial members of the group were exclusively handset makers and operators. Since then, the group has attracted interest from semiconductor companies, kernel vendors, handset integrators and middleware software vendors. Such companies broaden the ecosystem involved in the effort.”

LiMo Foundation develops Linux based platforms for building mobile phones; Mobile Linux is mostly used in China.

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