P2P use will get your AT&T account nuked?

If you don’t know it, unlimited doesn’t mean unlimited in terms of sheer bandwidth, and every mobile carrier has official or unofficial data caps in place. So if you happen to go over that set allowance you just may be receiving more that a quick reminder.

A report on gizmodo says that AT&T has informed the FCC that if they catch anyone using their mobile broadband network for P2P, AT&T will nuke that person’s account.

Apparently, senior VP of dealing with the government, Robert Quinn has said: “AT&T’s terms of service for mobile wireless broadband customers prohibit all uses that may cause extreme network capacity issues, and explicitly identify P2P file sharing applications as such a use.”

Just what qualifies as P2P is fairly vague to say the least; apps on your mobile phone, P2P on your laptop via tethered connection? Virtually everything and anything are up for grabs with this.

Perhaps it’s a matter of AT&T feeling the strain of all those Apple iPhone 3G’s grabbing all the 3G bandwidth, but isn’t that what they wanted by subsidising the iPhone 3G in the first place? Don’t tell me they are now intimating they can’t cope with the 3G demand.

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