Can new CEO turn Motorola mobile phones round?

Former Qualcomm chief operating officer Sanjay Jha has joined Motorola as co-chief exec, and this news caused Motorola’s shares to jump to nearly $10 when it was announced he would be taking the reigns of Motorola mobile phones.

However, no matter how much experience he has, Jha still has a huge challenge ahead, and that is Motorola’s corporate culture. For Jha to get the Motorola name back on its mobile feet he will need to fully cleanse the sluggish lacklustre reputation Motorola has gained and re-teach the company to think more like marketers and to get in tune with customer tastes.

Unfortunately this task has been somewhat insurmountable for several top Motorola execs before him. Jha will act as co-CEO until the mobile phone business is spun out as a separate company which is hoped to happen in Q3 of 09.

Will the new blood of Sanjay Jha be able to turn the Motorola mobile phone brand around?

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