Russia will be invaded by the Apple iPhone next year

Seems as if Red Square will be soon marching to the tune of the Apple iPhone 3G as word is Russia will gain the Apple iPhone 3G in 2009 according to a Moscow based director of Apple IMC, which is Apple’s official outlet in Russia.

Apparently comrades will need to sign contract with a Russian iPhone carrier at the time of purchasing their new Apple iPhone 3G handset, a Moscow newspaper reported, and no one carrier will gain exclusive rights to Apple iPhone service contracts.

Apparently, so far Apple has declined to comment on this news.

There are roughly 470,000 Apple iPhone’s already in Russia after the iconic mobile handsets were hacked to be able to operate on any unauthorised network.

Hmm, is there actually anywhere on this planet where the Apple iPhone isn’t going to become available? Apparently if Apple has its way…no.

Source — bloomberg

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