Toshiba Moba Ho Mobile TV to bite the dust next March

Paid mobile TV content doesn’t seem to be doing as well as expected, so much so that it appears to be dying a slow agonising dead, and to be honest unless you are rolling in the stuff that makes the world go round, why would you want to pay anyway?

In Germany, their DVB-H subs are dwindling away slowly even thought after receiving a healthy shove by the European Union, thanks to free DVB-T content.

Now we hear Toshiba are pulling the plug on their Moba Ho satellite service as it failed to attract sufficient subscribers to the paid service in the face of overwhelming free mobile broadcasts directed at mobile phones.

Toshiba seems to have learnt the hard way, as free is always going to be more preferable to the masses than paid.

Thus Toshiba has said they will be closing down and dissolving the Mobile TV company by March next year, and it’s going to cost them the tidy sum of around $232 million.

Source — RCR

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