Zune Marketplace content coming to Nokia mobile phones?

Whispers roaming the net wave say that a Microsoft source claims Nokia are working with Microsoft to integrate the Zune Marketplace into Nokia mobile phones.

Now as always these sorts of rumours need to be taken with a touch of salt until some hard facts come out. But it appears that Nokia and Microsoft have teams to search for a way to offer Zune Marketplace content on Nokia’s non-smartphone handsets, which at present due to its protected Microsoft format doesn’t work outside Zune portable media players.

We all know Nokia made a hug amount of low end mobile phones, and if Microsoft’s Zune contents could be integrated, it could look as if Microsoft is mounting a two front war against the Apple iPhone with Windows based smartphones and Nokia non-smartphones.

Apparently the Microsoft source has denied all knowledge of a possible Zune phone hardware development, and says: “if there is a zune phone I don’t know about it.”

The mysterious source also states that any deal between Microsoft and Nokia would not be exclusive.

Source — zunescene

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