Apple iPhone 3G unlock failing on Vodafone and more?

The Apple iPhone 2.0.1 seems to be having some problems, Vodafone customers who paid to have their iPhone 3G handset unlocked are complaining about failures connecting to iTunes.

Apparently those who have had the iPhone unlocked fail to connect to iTunes and immediately receive an error code “0xE8000001”

There are also reports coming in from a few other carriers as well, however, Vodafone sells the Apple iPhone 3G in 10 countries hence most of the complaints coming from Vodafone customers.

Seems this problem is popping up in Italy, Sweden, Spain, and other place across the globe.

No word on any fix for this problem hitting the net waves yet, but I’m sure someone will jump on this in due course. So how about you iPhoners out there, are you experiencing any of these problems or is your Apple iPhone 3G working fine?

Source — TUAW


One thought on “Apple iPhone 3G unlock failing on Vodafone and more?”

  1. jo hunter says:

    This is wrong. I unlocked my iphone 3g which was purchased from 02 and now is on vodafone and it works fine with no problem at all.

    I got the unlocking device from


    and simply placed it in the iphone 3g’s simcard tray then put my simcard ontop and put it in the phone. hey presto unlocked and working.

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