Australia Virgin Mobile iPhone-less more stock problems

It appears that Apple are still suffering with supple problems with their iPhone 3G as it has been noted on Australia’s Virgin Mobile website that they have run out of stock of iPhone 3Gs.

A note posted on the Virgin Mobile website states: The iPhone is so hot; it’ll take a little longer to get to you. Order now & we’ll email you as soon as yours is on its way.8GB black/16GB white are arriving weekly, 16GB black is due late August.

All this does is speak volumes to me that Apple continue to struggle with demand for their much sort after mobile phone. The worry is that with the news that Apple intend to launch the iPhone 3G in a further 20 countries on August 22nd means even more strain could be placed on production.

If Apple can’t simple keep the stores that are already selling the iPhone 3G supplied just how do they intend to maintain supply to even more outlets?

Source — macdailynews

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