Can the new Motorola boss make changes in 90 days?

Being the new co-CEO of Motorola, Sanjay Jha and a daunting task ahead, but he has already vowed to stamp his foot down and make changes for the better with Motorola within the next three months.

Jha, speaking to a gathering of analysts and media stated he will be reviewing Motorola’s platforms/production roadmap with ninety days, and is planning to make “hires in areas where he doesn’t have experience.”

Jha acknowledged the importance of the 3G market and Motorola’s laciness in that area.

First think Jha needs to do is hire some fairly competent designers as the same old tired Motorola designs aren’t helping.

Naturally any newbie given the top job is going to be huffing and puffing at what great and better changes they are going to perform under their leadership.

But the proof is in the wait, some twenty-eight day from now and we will see just how well Mr. Jha can deliver.

Source — RCR

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