Telus beats Sprint and Verizon to launch HTC Touch Diamond

Come August 14th Telus will make available to its Canadian customers, the HTC Touch Diamond mobile phone, beating Sprint and Verizon to the launch.

Telus hopes that the launch of the HTC Touch Diamond will be an Apple iPhone 3G killer for them. The HTC Touch Diamond comes with the TouchFLO 3D interface, 3.2 megapixel camera with auto-flash, Windows Media Player, built in GPS and 4GB internal memory.

Telus is releasing the HTC Touch Diamond on several plans, the lowest being $150.00 with a 3 years contract, then up-scaling to $350.00 with a 2 year contract and $400.00 for a 1 year contract.

Rate plans vary from $15.00 per month for IM and unlimited email, and $30.00 per month for IM and unlimited email, and web browsing.

If you wish to purchase the HTC Touch Diamond without the ties of a contract it will set you back $449.00.

Source — mobilesyrup

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