Earth friendly cordless home telephones from Siemens.

Yes folks, Siemens do actually manufacture cordless home telephones, and although you won’t see Siemens grabbing hold of a huge chunk of the market or going up against some of the more notable compnaies out there in telephone world, they do on rare occasion launch a new phones that look awesome.

And it’s time for one of those rare occasions as Siemens has launched two eco-friendly cordless home telephones, the Gigaset Eco Visions Leaf and Solar cordless home telephones.

Both Gigaset Eco Visions Leaf and Solar cordless home telephones are constructed from recycled materials, and draws on the energy of the Sun to power them up ready to go.

Unfortunately there is no word on specs for these two eco-warriors as yet, and the same goes for availability and pricing. But we will be keeping our eyes open and as soon as we find out more we will be passing it along.

Source — mobilewhack


One thought on “Earth friendly cordless home telephones from Siemens.”

  1. floppy says:

    I’d definitely buy it if it was a mobile phone, it’s slim and I love its shape, but a home telephone?? Do people still use home telephones? (Not young people, that’s for sure).

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