RIM gear up 5 new BlackBerry handsets in assault against iPhone

Research In Motion is gearing up for its counter offensive assault against the Apple iPhone 3G with the launch of the Canadian based BlackBerry 2008 T-Mobile roadmap. Due to a leaked pipeline at T-Mobile we are receiving word of at least five new BlackBerry handset will be hitting the T-Mobile network in the next few months.

T-Mobile will be launching the Blackberry Pearl 8120 in three colours, Tahitian Green, Indigo, and Light Blue. Each will run on the BlackBerry OS 4.5, and will be followed by the clamshell BlackBerry Pearl 8220 in late September or early October.

In late November or early December T-Mobile is expected to launch the BlackBerry Javelin, which is considered EDGE only variant on the BlackBerry Bold. The BlackBerry Javelin however, will not offer users 3G data speeds.

The BlackBerry Pearl 8220 will however feature the OS 4.6.0, while the BlackBerry javelin will feature the OS 4.6.1.

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One thought on “RIM gear up 5 new BlackBerry handsets in assault against iPhone”

  1. iBerry says:

    I’m Canadian and I got a Bold in another country 🙂 (not due to be released here for another few weeks). The Bold totally rox: very nice battery life compared to my older iPhone (I didn’t get a 3G iPhone since my old one was still servicable). Compared to the first gene iPhone the Bold is a solid, very sleek, business oriented, and *fast* phone with many many useful little nice details I keep discovering. There are not as many fun gee whiz applications as there are for the iPhone but not all of the iPhone apps seem to work on my older phone, most of them that would be useful don’t work due to my provider (Rogers in Canada) and the ones that do are sort of like iPhone copies of laptop style applications. The Bold is such a nice *phone* that I do not fiddle with handset (was always playing with my iPhone UI until the novelty wore off). I am starting to think this means that – for now anyway – the number and featurefulness of mobile “application” per platform is irrelevant. Until cel phone providers start acting like ISPs and actually competing and *allowing* users to use the apps what’s the use?

    The only applications people really need are good browsers combined with cheap dataplan or WiFi (RIM’s Facebook (nicer than mobile me in some ways) is really just a custom browser when you think of it …). Here in Canada we ironically we have to have *the worst* telco service pricing in the world. I use my first generation iPhone in the US where I travel for work – it is more useful than the new iPhones now (finally) availabe in Canada via Rogers! My Blackberry has never failed me and I switched from my previous BB handset to the Bold

    One thing RIM has going for it is the hosted CPE servers (for push email etc). You can get consistent messaging service everywhere. Their offering allows organizations to take a bit of control away from the monopolistic (in Canada), colluding and terrible cel providers 🙂 Apple seems to have caved in to providers a bit more because they have no equivalent the BBServer to offer organizations.

    Anyway it is fun having multiple phones and the iPhone is neat but I am switching to BB for now.

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