Vodafone launches Vodafone Music possible music war with Omnifone

Now another music download store hits the net waves for the UK as Vodafone launch their second online music store. If you are a regular Vodafone customer you will probably be aware of Omnifone’s streaming MusicStation service which has been running for a while now, now Vodafone has added their “Vodafone Music”.

“Vodafone Music” is run as a client app on the mobile phone and utilizes the built in music player.

To begin with, eleven mobile phone models will be able to use the service while the application will be able to be downloaded onto other mobile handsets.

Prices at “Vodafone Music” will be £0.99 for single tracks while albums will cost £7.99, and unlimited tracks will cost in the region of £1.99 per week.

With the arrival of “Vodafone Music”, one has to wonder what effect it may have on the Omnifone service.

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One thought on “Vodafone launches Vodafone Music possible music war with Omnifone”

  1. R.Feather says:

    How can Vodafone be at war with itself? Their new service complements the Omnifone Music Station which it already runs. Vodafone has had such a success with Music Station that it sees the potential for the market and is simply expanding the available options.

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