Thinking beyond smartphone basic applications with Web 2.0

Most of a businesses customers and employees possess a mobile phone, which has computing power that dwarf the desktops of only a few years ago, thus if you are not developing apps further than email, and calendar sync for smartphones you company could well be missing out.

Mobile phone prices have fallen for high end mobiles, what once was $500.00 is now $100.00 for a Samsung BlackJack II or a Research In Motion BlackBerry Pearl running Windows Mobile

Cutthroat competition rages between the leading smartphone platforms which include Research In Motion’s BlackBerry, Mac OS X, Windows Mobile, and Symbian. Additionally app frameworks such as Brew, Qualcomm and Java and thus anyone developing mobile apps face a hard choice as to which platform to target along with which app architecture to use.

Luckily vendors are focusing on solving the complexity problems with architectures and these include Web 2.0 developments and rich internet app environments

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