Sprint phone-as-modem plan dropped to $15 per month

There have been a few net whispers that Sprint would be cutting their Phone-as-Modem tethering plan, well actually stripping it right down from $40.00 per month to $15.00 per month and now the confirmation has come through.

Well apparently a proud owner of a Sprint account who goes by the handle Solid Wolf confirms the $15.00 per month PAM pricing is now in effect.

According to a Sprint representative when asked if the phone-as-modem pricing had in fact dropped to $15.00 per month they responded: “Your Sprint Power Vision phone can be used as a high-speed Internet connection for your laptop computer anywhere on the Sprint network. Connect your Power Vision phone using a USB cable or the built-in connection on Bluetooth-enabled phones all for just $15 per month with a qualified data plan.”

When asked if it is available as a new plan or simply plans that are currently active, the representative replied: “It is available with a new plan or an existing plan.”

In other words, the Sprint phone-as-modem now cost $15.00 per month…a good deal.

Source — WMExperts

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