Would you cancel your AT&T iPhone 3G contract if possible?

One wonders if all the iPhone 3G packing people out there on AT&T are quite happy with their Apple iPhone only rate plans as unlimited iPhone data is now $30.00 as opposed to $20.00 with the first gen iPhone.

One can’t help wondering just how many iPhoners would consider giving AT&T the boot, cancelling their contract, as iPhone owners do have an interesting option on cancellation after 30 days of service.

With said option one could pay the early termination fee, pay off their bill and take their Apple iPhone 3G to their preferred 3G carrier.

Yes, we know there is no SIM unlock solution for the Apple iPhone 3G at present, so if you do ditch that AT&T contract you’ll need to jailbreak. But a SIM unlock sould be on its way and then you will indeed own a contract free iPhone 3G.

The knack is for iPhone 3G owners to wait for the first 30 day service is over and then cancel as after the 30 day service AT&T allows the customer to keep the iPhone 3G after paying the ETF and finalising their bill.

Source — intomobile

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