Cartoon mobile delivered by Taiwan top 3 telecom providers

Taiwan’s top three mobile carriers, Far EasTone Telecom Co, Ltd, Taiwan Mobile Corps, and Chunghwa Telecom Co, Ltd, have introduced a mobile cartoon service; said service lets mobile phone subscribers download comic strips from partner offered content sites.

Taiwan Mobile has agreed an alliance with Time Warner Group’s Turner Cartoon Network, while Far EasTone has formed an alliance with Tongi Publishing Co and Sharp Point Publishing Co, while Chunghwa has teamed with Tongi as well.

The Cartoon network’s teaming with Taiwan Mobile will be their first venture into the mobile cartoon service and will bring cartoons such as the Powerpuff Girls.

Taiwan Mobile execs believe the collaboration in this new business sector will bring them more business than their online gaming service.

Chunghwa charges subscribers NT$10 to $NT$35, Far EasTone charges NT$15 for each download while freeing subscribers from transmission fee, and Taiwan Mobile charges NT$35 for each download and frees from transmission fee.

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Source — CENS

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