Anyone for a cigarette packet headset?

How random is this mobile phone headset? I have seen some strange mobile phone accessories before but this really seems the most bizarre.

Not sure if it’s a cancer charity accessory or if it’s for non smokers who wish to show off that they no longer smoke, any ideas on what this monstrosity is about we would love to hear from you.

Sorry to mock the headset if you like it, its personal taste after all, but I just can’t see walking around with a plastic packet of cigarette hanging from your ear attached to your mobile is a good look. Oh you are able to shout into the cigarette packet, maybe you can scream “I don’t smoke” or something and maybe it makes you feel better.

For your information this lovely headset can be used with Samsung, Nokia and Sony Ericsson mobiles, they cost US$6.79 which is roughly £3.60 so a bargain.

Source: techdigest via gearfuse


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