Location based Fire Eagle launched by Yahoo

Yahoo has finally pulled their much awaited Fire Eagle from private beta, and now anyone who wishes to do so can sign up to use it. So, just what is Yahoo’s Fire Eagle?

Well, what Yahoo Fire Eagle does is basically play the middle man between the user and a whole bunch of location aware applications. Thus the user can log your location once and the Fire Eagle will syndicate it will every other Fire Eagle equipped service the user uses.

Fire Eagle looks to be a fairly decent service with customizable levels of privacy for those outlets the user allows their location such as FaceBook, the user gives their current exact GPS coordinates, though only let the blog profile badge for the users public blog display their location. The user also has to opt-in to virtually everything rather than the service publish your location as loud as possible.

Fire Eagle is a mobile app for updating your location, well on the Nokia S60 mobile at the moment anyway. Yes it’s basic at the moment, but it gets the job done.

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