MobiDog animal welfare mobile game released by RSPCA UK

Are you a lover of animals and own a mobile phone? Would you like to help get the message across about caring for animals?

Animal welfare charity the RSPCA has launched their own new mobile game called MobiDog which has been developed by UK Company Lateral. MobiDog follows on from the web based cyber-pet concept which was also launched via Lateral.

Lateral’s Mathew Riley says: “The next logical step was to allow people to access a similar message on their mobile phones.”

The thing is, MobiDog isn’t just another virtual pet mobile game; it is a collection of dog themed mini-games that are a spin on those old classic arcade games.

Still, the message is a serious one though about educating mobile games about the UK animal welfare act, and about taking better care of their dogs.

MobiDog is a free download and can be gained by visiting the RSPCA website or by texting game to 60022.

Source — pocketgamer via intomobile

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