Cut and Paste app for Apple iPhone? Video

Proximi’s MagicPad for the Apple iPhone was the first to offer 3rd-party notepad app for the iPhone with copy & paste within the application only, however is now seems Proximi have taken further steps to offer a system wide copy & paste for the Apple iPhone.

Student developer Zac White has taken things into his own hands and founded a non-profit open source community known as OpenClip. OpenClip offers developers the copy & paste framework for free, which will add functionality to their apps, and allow copy & paste between supported apps.

Apparently OpenClip accomplish this while still abiding by Apple’s SDK rules as iPhone apps are allowed to read from other apps but only write their own.

However, having created a standard location for each individual app “clipboard” apps can actually copy just by saving the date and paste by pulling recently saved data across all apps.

Source — geekbrief via macrumors and openclip


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  1. Larry Martin says:

    Its “COPY and Paste,” not “Cut and Paste!” People worldwide have fallen for the mistake of saying and describing it incorrectly for years and years.

    One Copies and then Pastes. Just Left Click your mouse button. Does the drop menu even have the word, “Cut?” Probably not.


    Grammer Nut
    Austin, TX

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