Faster jailbreak on its way with iPhone Dev Team QuickPwn

Having released jailbreak solutions for both Apple and Windows platforms, it now looks like the iPhone Dev Team are working towards a faster software which will jailbreak the iPhone and is called QuickPwn.

As we know, with the iPhone PwnageTool it is required to perform a full Restore on the Apple iPhone before being able to gain access to the file system.

And obviously as Apple continue to roll out iPhone firmware updates, the iPhone dev Team will need to roll out corresponding jailbreak solutions when necessary.

Therefore the next generation iPhone jailbreak tool will be QuickPwn, and is expected to skip over the whole Restore process to result in faster and more convenient jailbreaking.

As the iPhone Dev Team are still working on the new QuickPwn, there is no word on when it will become available, but knowing the IDT, it shouldn’t be too long a wait.

Source — mobilewhack

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