Lawsuit filed against Apple for iPhone 3G failure

With the complaints on Apple iPhone 3G call dropping, which Apple quickly pushed out the iPhone 2.0.2 OS as a fix, and then more woe as others began complaining that the supposed fix has made things worse, it is no wonder someone is now filing a lawsuit against Apple.

A woman from Alabama has filed a lawsuit against Apple claiming they have failed to deliver on Apple’s claims of performance and reliability.

Jessica Alena Smith, the plaintiff, states that in addition to the slower than expected data speeds, she can only connect to the AT&T 3G network roughly a quarter of the time, and has also experience an “inordinate amount of dropped calls.”

Smith wants the lawsuit to be approved as a class-action lawsuit, and claims that the potential class could in fact include tens of thousands of plaintiffs.

This lawsuit intends to have Apple repair or replace all defective iPhone 3G’s and that Apple foot the bill for attorneys and also pay damages.

And like we couldn’t see this coming? With so many complaints across the net it was only a matter of time before someone wanted to bring a lawsuit, and it could lead to one hefty legal roller coaster.

Source — ABC news via intomobile

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