Does Steve Jobs email mean future iPhone tethering?

Hold the phone! According to Gizmodo they say that this does look like a pretty legit email tread from a reader, and is seems that Apple big boy Steve Jobs may have actually responded to a complaint!

The complain was apparently concerning the dumping of NetShare from Apple’s App Store; iPhone to laptop tethering isn’t possible without jailbreaking the iPhone first, and so it would see the Gizmodo reader sent this to the Apple big wig…

“AT&T offers data plans for BlackBerry that include tethering for an additional $30 per month (a total of $60 per month for the BlackBerry+tethering plan).

It seems ludicrous that the same thing is not offered with the iPhone. I understand the desire to prevent tethering with the current data plan, but I am willing to pay more money to allow tethering! With such an advanced device, why can I not do so?”

To which the apparent email reply was as below.

From “Steve” to our reader:

We agree, and are discussing it with ATT.


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So there it is, you can make up your own mind, but would you pay Apple and AT&T extra to tether your iPhone to a laptop?

Source — gizmodo via macdailynews


One thought on “Does Steve Jobs email mean future iPhone tethering?”

  1. Brian says:

    Pay more for an emergency hot spot? I think not. Why should I pay an extra $30 a month for an ability to use my phone and my unlimited data plan to connect my laptop when in a pinch? The Mac OS allows you to ‘share’ your connection with other computers on it’s network. If the functionality is available in the hardware, and the software can get it to happen, so what. Eventually, anyone will be able to make an open source web proxy on the iPhone anyway. I think AT&T need to get over there wallet and allow the app…. I WANT iPhone Skype too… I’m tired of making calls to Canada that cost an arm or leg.

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