Some idiots still flout the law on vehicle mobile use: video

We as drivers are well aware of the potential dangers of using a mobile phone whist driving, but it still appears that some have yet to learn of these dangers, such as this total idiot who believes texting on his mobile phone while lying back on his motorbike is a cool thing to do.

This sort of thing brings the law down hard on other motorists; it is totally stupid and also puts the lives of other motorists who are near this brainless moron in danger as well.

As most laws concerning the usage of mobile phones while at the wheel or in this case at the handle bars are in place not only to protect the driver/motorcyclist, but other who use the roads as well; surely people can see that if this guy had lost control, several other vehicles may well have been involved as he certainly didn’t have control over his bike.

Watch the video and take note

Source — therawfeed via intomobile

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