UK Ofcom wants public input concerning mobile phone overhaul

UK regulatory Ofcom wants the help of the public concerning the mobile phone industry, the want to hear about the good and the bad, as they are looking for ways to improve the current market.

Roughly 90 percent of all mobile phone users in the UK are said to be quite happy with their mobile phone, but it still leaves about 1.4 million mobile phone users who are either “dissatisfied” with the mobile phone set up or “very dissatisfied”.

Ed Richards, chief executive of Ofcom, said: “With significant market and technology developments under way, now is the right time to ask some tough questions about the future approach to regulation.”

Ofcom is quite interested in comments concerning the so called “mobile termination rates” which is the price phone companies charge each other to access one another’s networks. The idea being that if these charges could be reduced it could mean lower phone bills for customers.

Ofcom also wishes to look at improving PAYG services and increasing mobile phone coverage nationwide.

Source — BBC via pocket-lint

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