Orange exclusive pink LG KS360 mobile phone

Orange is offering up the LG messenger mobile phone, the LG KS360 to customers in an exclusive pink colour.

Now you can get passionate about pink with Orange as the LG KS360 comes with mobile social networking in the guise of “free” access to the likes of MySpace, Bebo, and FaceBook on the pay-as-you-go Dolphin package.

Obviously Orange is targeting this rose hued LG KS360 mobile handset firmly at the female mobile phone user although if you are a guy Orange won’t be adverse to selling you one, and comes with a price tag of £79.99, and is available from Orange right now.

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37 thoughts on “Orange exclusive pink LG KS360 mobile phone”

  1. I have this phone and its brilliant 🙂 It looks sooo pretty and expensive, even though i only paid £59.99 for it lol 🙂 I bought it on the orange website, and for me as long as i can txt, phone people and its pink i love any phone, but the slidy out keyboard and touch screen just puts the cherry on top lol 🙂
    I would recommend this phone 2 any 1!

  2. Courtz says:

    its so cool i can’t wait to get one for my b’day! and to top it all up you can get it in PINK!!!!!!!!!!!
    ive looked on every web site im obsessed with it.
    it has a cool keypad and is on $199!!! thats a bargain!!!! cant wait to get it lol!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. rachel says:

    just got this phone today 🙂
    some things i was wondering before i bought it ?

    volume – a really good volume , better than sony erricsons.
    memory – notmuch memory althogh can store up to 4gb x

    really good phone
    ” cheaper version of the iPhone “

  4. TJ says:

    Phonebook spec states 1000 entries.
    Does anyone know:
    is that 1000 contacts each with multiple numbers e.g. home, work, mobile?
    or is that 1000 numbers shared among all contacts?


  5. shelly xx says:

    Lurveee this fone need it lyk NOW !!! Pity it can lyk only store 5 songs untill u gtta get a memory card>.< buh w/e im sooo getting it!! : D faw this fone they doiing a rli gr8 offah with orange…U GET FREE FACEBOOK!! W00P!!! question faw all..can u goo on msn on it?!!??! and ish im basically the same as msn with all your contacts and stuff!?!?!!? anywaiii im SOO GETTING THE WHITE AND PINK ONE!!!
    ily all : D

  6. xClarax says:

    im gettin that fone 4 my b-day! on orange i dunno if my parents hav got it yet cos there is a waiting list at all orange stores!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it is stupid!!
    love the fone!!! i really want it!
    the qwerty keyboard rocks & i dont really need a 5 mega pixel camera or anything like that so the 2 mp i gr8!!!!!
    im a big texter so i cant wait 2 get the fone! yay

  7. michelle says:

    yeahhh me n my gf got this phone lyke 1month agooo…n me n my gf have to order it n got free memory card hahahah
    agreed wt the sounds better than sony
    nicest design eva
    its so sleek n chicky hhehehhe
    n its damn cheap compared to others hahha
    have headset too
    luvin it damn muchyyyy

  8. hey guys i want to get it i need a job first but is it really gud? it looks so sxc =D does it come with headphones? i want to noe how u can get it in blue cuz in the shops its only red and black..

  9. Rhiannon says:

    This phone is stunning, wanted it in pink but was sold out so i settled for the blue version.
    the volume on it is excellent, i love the keyboard thingy, easy to get used to and is very stylish.
    not much memory but able to buy a memory card thing which are cheap enough to buy.
    i would recommend this phone to anyone who wants an extremely popular phone.

  10. Jess magrath search me on facebook says:

    I have the fone n its ssssssssssikkkkkkkkkkkkkk can be annoying at time n u always need 2 hands to tx but its a sik fone

  11. chloee says:


  12. Rhiannon says:

    If you want this phone, the best thing to do is go to The Orange Shop just after they’ve had a delivery at about 9am. There will be more of a chance of you getting it then.

  13. zoey says:

    hey was thinking about getting this phone in pink and white for christmas. it is so pretty and i really love the slidey out qwerty keyboard. I was jut wondering though even though msn comes already installed on the phone (or so i’ve been told) do you have to pay for it to use it or do you get it free as well as bebo and such like. Please comment me back if you know any more about the phone. Thankyou xx

  14. Siiobhann says:

    Heyyy OME I Cant Wait To Get This Fone OME (Btw If You Wanna Know Wahh OME Stands 4 Its Ohh Myy Eoghan =D) OME Does It Come With Msn Dont Mind If It Dont But If It Does OME It Would Be The Best Fone Ever!!!!!
    I Really Hope I Get It 4 Christmas Coz My Birthday Is Too Long To Wait 🙁
    Anii Wayysss Biiii

  15. Rihanna says:

    Hi guys whats up?
    i just heard about the new LG KS360
    it looks REALLY good in picture so anyway i have some doubta i am a person the TEXTS ALL THE TIME!!!! and i know that this phone is good for that but……here comes the but i am LISTENING TO MY IPOD NEARLY ALDAY ASWELL and i get board of having ttwo quite big things in my pocket i want one quite small thing tht does both is this the right phone for ME? p.s my phone i gto only can store 2 songs!

  16. hannah says:

    i love this phone it looks like something off hannah montana and i cant wait to get it, but does it have touch screen? and they dont have many colours i like…but oh well it still looks expencive…

  17. jess again lol says:

    hey guys i gt mine from orange, in blue and grey
    it came with head phones and a connector for the computer, USB
    i really love this phone, the key pad is awsome, it doesnt have much memory only 15mb i just got 2 songs on there, but u can get a memory card up 4 gb, i got mine from amazon bout £7 its really good, as in the shops they are a lot more.
    this phone is great for texting, especialy if ur like me and send bout 50 ish a day, and it has a touch sreeen mode jst press the button which lks like it has a hand pointing to a calculator and u can alternat between numbers and letters, thats the only thing the touch screen is for, I reccomend this phone to anyone, its so easy to use (:
    cheers guys x

  18. sophia says:

    i just got this fone 2day its so cool i luv ut its likre my little babie! x
    i picked everythin up straight away. its so easy 2 use! i recommend it! x

  19. I have only today bought this fone its clever touch screen and its stylish slide out is amazing i usually buy all the up to date stuff on a regular basis and i recomend this highly . I have it in pink and its so easy to access the phone without a memory slot isnt very usfull but it will contain as many tracks as a regular phone.even tho the camara is of a low mega pixal its quality is out standing this is a definate fone to show off to your mates. X

  20. Chelsea says:

    Hello Everyone I Have The Iphone And I dont really like it and also i have been looking for this phone and it looks really good. My Friend Has It And She Says Its Brill.

  21. Nadia says:

    Im getting tired of my old phone. (The samsung U600) And I really want one with a slide out qwerty keypad. And the touch screen would be good too. Im stuck between this phone and the Lg GW520

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