The UK sees the Samsung i8510 INNOV8 on Orange

If when you read about the new Samsung i850 INNOV8 and its incredible 8 million megapixel camera you were amazed and left panting to get your hands on one, well, news on the street is that Orange UK have officially got this beast of a phone now.

So, if you want a little refresher of what this Samsung i850 INNOV8 handset can do, or in-fact you saw nothing but the 8-mega pixel camera last time you read about this phone, then let me tell you now, obviously the 8 million megapixel camera which also has a smile and blink recognition mode when shooting the picture, it also has FM radio, Bluetooth, 16GB internal memory, dual-band 7.2 Mbit HSPA, quad-band EDGE.

Let’s talk about price for a second, if you go on Mobile.co.uk the phone is free on an 18 months contract and will even give you a spare Nokia 1650 with a £10 credit on a pay as you go.

Source: engadget

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