Samsung shows off their large array of phones at the IFA

The IFA 2008 consumer electronics show should have been renamed the IFA 2008 Samsung phone show, these guys really did use the IFA show to show off their numerous offerings.

Samsung had so many phones I would be here a year if I wanted to explain them all to you. We saw some devices that have already had their official announcement, and other devices that are waiting in the wings to be announced. Samsung was teasing the on-looker at the yearly event in Berlin with phones that probably some staff at Samsung has not even seen yet.

For now I can give you at least the code names of some of the phones that have not been announced, B210, M200, B2700 and the M3510 Beat. But if you are more interested in the phones that have had their announcements and were showcased for the first time these were the dual SIM Samsung D980, P180, M150, B130 and S7330.

If you want to literally purchase one of the show pieces Samsung’s then these models are already on the market, the Samsung B510, B300 and the E215.

Source: gsmarena

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