Belkin puts to bed rumours of a JoyPod iPhone gaming add-on

Following up to our previous article we have found more information, it turns out that our excitement over the JoyPod iPhone gaming add-on was just a tease, in-fact Belkin who were the guys behind the possible JoyPod iPhone have confirmed that it will not be hitting the shops in the future or indeed, never.

Melody Chalaban, PR manager tells Touch Arcade that “We have no plans to release such a product,” and described reports as “simply a false rumour”. Well it seems Melody has cleared that one up, load and clear Belkin are not making a JoyPod iPhone, but as the sheer mention of a iPhone gaming controller caused so much attention with iPhone addicts chomping at the bit to find out more, I could bet your bottom dollar that someone out there will be frantically inventing one.

I’m still yet to be convinced if such an accessory would work for the iPhone, although we are aware that the iPhone games are coded, ready willing and able to support tilt and touch controls.
The whole JoyPod iPhone, may remain a mystery as to how and if it would work, we will just have to wait and see what happens.

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